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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 10PM  FOX  February 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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daytona 500./ . a young boy's life cut way too short. gunned down while playing outside. >> a 6year-old. >> tonight, all too familiar, painful plea. >>. >> loved ones gathering in prayer, while community leaders sound off. we have team coverage of this tragedy. 2 states weighing in on the race for the white house and 2 candidates claiming victory. >> we had a mostly dry day, but a few clouds are continue but a few clouds are cocoinueing to hang around. what about tomorrow and what
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the complete forecast coming up the complete forecast coming tonight, a loved one comeing to the mom defense. >> >>. >> and a teenager going into the inferno. all the while trying to pull her brother out of the flames. good evening, i'm jeff lennox stkpwhr-fplt/ i'm robins simmons, the nig team's, first at 10 starts now. a young boy caught in the crossfire and killed. >> loved ones gathering to tkpwrao+efp/ while calling on members of their community to step up and help. >> good evening, another family torn apart by a child tragedy. >> a little boy enjoyinging the weekend outside when gunshots started to fly around him. >>. >> we start with the
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night team's walter morris is live in northwest miami-dade to start us out. walter? >> well, jeff, that's right, in fact, investigators still here on the scene. witness say the 6 -year-old boy was playing with friends when 2 men got out an started to shoot. the mayor adding $20000 to the reward to bring his killer to justice. >> i just lost my son. 6 - -year-olds, you all see me with him every day. >> think about your life, play >> think about your life, playing in the neighbor h-td/. our family is hurting, right now, it could easily be your family next. reporter: gunfire broke out before 3:00 p.m. at this apartment complex on northwest 12th and northwest 104th street -flt/ the police helicopter in the air moments after the black
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>> king carter, struck by a bullet. the fourth grader, rushed to the the hospilta when he died. >> always in the neighborhood doing something right. reporter: miami-dade task foe working into the night, photographing the scene and looking for evidence. the mayor pledging extra support to fine the shooter, adding $20000 from the county budget to t reward. >> there is a $25000 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator. >> meantime, king's father pleading on facebook. >> miami-dade police say this investigation is personal. >> i have 2 daughters. it's a nighghare. i can't even fathom to understand what that parent is going through right now. >> somebody saw something. that neighborhood is filled with people outside. someone
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something. >>reporter: if you know anything that can help with this investigation, call "crimestoppers". the reward now at $25000. you can remain anonymous. walter morris, "7 news"night team. from the screen in northwest miami-dade to the hospital where loved ones gathered there. ,alicia is live at yakima son memorial with the other part of this story. reporter: the little boy's loved ones rushing here to the hospital as soon as he was air-lifted, but, of course, as we have been saying, he wouldn't make it. tonight, they are asking for the community as prayers. >> my son had a daddy. his daddy is standing before you fed up.
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upside down. reporter: crying and praying kwroult/ side of jackson memorial saturday. their loved one, king carter, pwrurt/ he after being gunned down in a northwest miami-dade neighbor northwest miami-dade neighborhood. > the tpeurgs/ grarar wouldn't make it. he died at j m h$. >>. >> miami-dade school superintendent al birtho car superintendent al birtho carveilo going to pray with the family. >> over 60 children shot over the past 12 months. over 20 killed over the past 12 months. the last one, a 6 -year-old boy with a big personality that was loved, by principals, teachers, colleagues. >>reporter: the little boy loved by so many, leaving behind a family that said his
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boy's father launching a campaign. >>. >> the family is also calling on the community to showp at the scene of the crime at 2:00 tomorrow. they want everybody to come together to try to figure out who!woe did this. they are asking for to you show up att 2:00. for now, we are live at jackson memorial hospital. "7 news"night team >> >>. >> a look at tonight's winners,
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victory in nevada after a race many thought would be too close to call. >> just over and hour ago donald trump making his victory speech. he won the south carolina pry pairry by double digits. >> the form story floridians are talking about. jeb bush, former candidate -- -- tonight, he is cking out. >> i congratulate by competitors on a race that has been hd fought, just as the race for presidency should be. it's a tough skwr-b/. in this campaign, i have stood my ground. we put forward details ground. we put forward details, innovative conservative plans to address the mounting challengeshat we face because despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters. >> and jeb bush will be flying back to florida with his family
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>> as for the democrats out west, berniey sanders proving he could compete with hilary clinton in a state where she never expected a serious challenge. liz is live in the plex tonight with more on the results in the big races. reporter: it has been a big night in the political world with done trump storming into south carolina, far ahead in the polls. his win didn't come as much of a surprise there. the big fight tonight is nor second place. he took the republican race by double digits at 3.32.5%. marco rubio and ted cruz fighting to the
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jeb bush, say singing his swan song in south carolina. >> the people of new hampshire, iowa and south carolina have spokeen. i respect their decision. tonight, i'm suspending my campaign. >> long before he was the first one to dive in, the former florida governor was the bush brother many thought would become president. >> i have had a front roweat to this office for most of my ault life. i have seen fall adult life. i have seenen fallible men rise up to the
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clarity and purpose. reporter: his campaign, millions of dollars, but the money never translateinto votes, just before skwrerb/ bush vowed out saturday night, dr. ben carson have youed dr. ben carson vowed to stand his ground. >> when this thing start. there were 17 candidates. there are only 6 now, i'm one of them. >> where i came from, america was never built great because of who!woe was at the top. america has been great because o who!woe is at the foundation of who!woe is at the foundation. >>reporter: who takes second will be decided by a narrow
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rubio and ted cruz. >> after tonight th-rbg/ has become a 3 person race and we will win the nomination. >> i cannot wait to stand on the deba stage with hilary clinton or berniey sanders. >>. reporter: hilary clinton secured herself as a front run are. she has 2 wins in the race for the democratic nomination, but pweurpb/ nomination, but pweurpby sand nomination, but pweurpby sanders narrowed her margin to much thinner than predicted. he won by 70% among young voter he won by 70% among young voters under age 45. >> i'm so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporter grateful to all of my supporters outp there. some pay have doubted us, but we never
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>> i believe that the democrats assemble in philadelphia in july at that convention, we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states [cheers and applause]. reporter: right now, hilary clinton is leading the race between her and berniey sanders! between her and berniey sanders, heading into the democratic primary in south carolina one week from today. they will vote there next saturdayay now, the 5 republican candidates head to nevada where republican vote ares will cast their votes in caucuses on tuesday. live in the plex, liz nagey "7 news" night team. let's take to you south carolina. caroline is live for us. other than jeb bush drop us. other than jeb bush dropping out of the race onhe gop side. what are the other big headlines in south carolina today? . reporter: i think if trump can win in the south, pretty
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a surprise when he didn't take home iowa. he took it home here. it appeared to be tailor made for ted cruz. now, cruz is baltimorele is baltimoreling it out for second with rubio. >> let's look on down the list, here, obviously, we have ohio governor, ben c cson pretty much announce much announcing they are still in this. any word on whether they may drop out in the days to come. reporter: reporter: conventional wisdom is he had try to make it to the ohio vote. least governor there, michigan -- -- that's where he hopes to pick up momentum. he didn't have much invested here in south carorona and still, he got the same amount of votes th governor bush did. still low around 8 percent. he said is
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nevada tuesday. >>. >> caroline, thank you. coming up in a minute, expert analysis of the results and what tonight's numbers could mean for the race going forward >> >>.. >> also in the news, now, a mother crying in court in cuffs after being accused of leaving hr daughter alone in a burning me. this mother's family said it's not as simple as it might seem. >> for the period of 5 years, we have gone together to get help and it was never provided. reporter: angelica somewhat relieved, her daughtete appearing before a judge saturday morning means she is alive and help could be on the way. >> you are here charged with child neglect. reporter: a cooking fire in her west mami-dade apartment thursday night. her mother said she tried to put out an
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her daughter, grace, separated inin the fire. she flagged down a driver to take h h to a friend that was a nurse. >> when her friends finally calmed her down,er best friend has my phone number and he called me and she -- -- the first thing she told me was "mom, grace is dead. ". >> what doou mean grace is dead. grace is here in the hospital. >> picking her up, and taking her out the window. i handed her over to my partner. reporter: she was arrested when she came to the hospital. but her mother said after battle battling depression for years, she's grateful for the firefighters and the opportunity for her daughter to get betr. >> she decided on her own that medication was not going to help her. she was going to stt with natural herbs. she
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taking natural supplements and she thought she was able toto hand it will by herself. >>reporter: exka/ will post a $75 hourbg/ bond and be frfr tomorrow. she's to have for contact with her daughter or her mother who was granted custody, today. >> a south florida teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a student out of jail an out of a job. jason maie, a teacher at palmetto high school appearing in bond court on sexual battery. police say he had sex with a student on 2 occasions. the judge place him on house arrest and ordered him to stay away from student. he has been fireed from teaching while the police continue their investigation. taking a live look outside. south florida enjoying a breezy feeling
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meteorologist car lean davis here to bring sunshine into the weather center with more on what we can expect. >> good evening, as we go into tonight, we are talking about clouds and breezy winds. we'll see this tomorrow, but we e looking at more sunshine for tomorrow. not a bad sunday ahead of us. also, temperature ahead of us. also, temperatures, in the seasonal range. daytime highs in the upper 70s. a better chance of showers as we go into the workweek. current temperatures across the board. 70 degrees in west kendall. 71 fort lauderdale and 72 in miami. also, the breeze going, out of the east in miami, 13 miles per hour and around fort lauderdale hour and around fort lauderdale. currently, the winds are kicking up at 13 miles per hour. as we go into tomorrow, we'll have the breeze, still mostly dry. looking at "stormtracker"radar,
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quiet. high pressure is in firm control and as you can see, a lot of dry air is lingering over south florida. the moisture is on the way with the approach of the next front. all of the details coming up on your 7 on 7 forecast also, on 7 tonight, thousands gathering in washington, d.c. to say a final farewell to supreme court justice skal/ ya'. a mass lead by his son reverend paul skal/ ya' who shared personal memories of his father. >> the issue that evening is not that i have been hearing confessions, but that he had found himself in my confession found himself iny confessional line and he quickly departed it. left left quickly departed it. left left. >> as he put it, later, "like ck if i'm confessing to you. ".
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>> after the ceremony,he crowd watched as ska/ ya''s casket was placed into a hearse outside of the church. we are hearing president obama's first words aboutis upcoming trip to cuba. since the white house announced the historic visit is coming very soon. he will be the first sitting president to make the trip to cuba in 90 years. >>. >> reactios are missed. >> this week, we made it official, i'm going to cuba. >> president obama speaking this morning f the first time twitter account. h hwill meet with the cuban leader, castro to discuss how the 2 countries can continue normalizeing relations. president o oma is expectingto talk to the cuban people about what they want moving forward.
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people improve their lives is through -- a future of more freedom andnd opportunity. congress woman, a cuban american herself, disagreeing with president obama's decision. >> a trip to cuba now will legitimize the castro brother's behavior and make a possibility of freedom and democracy on the island even more remote. >>reporter: here in south forida, many are split on the matter. >> is there has been no change in cuba that can merit the trip to the island by the president of the world's uost powerful democracy. reporter: regardless of opinions of many, president obama is brushing up on his
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>> the president is also scheduleed to meet with dissidents and activisties. we arartold the cuban government is aware of as we havereported and these reels in last summer, a deal is in the wororks to restore commercial air traffic between the u.s. and cuba. stay with us for continuing coverage of the historic visit. we'll have live reports from "team 7"coverage from havana next month. it's a big news night -flt/ night team just getting started. >>. >> a teen putting her own life on the line as her home goes up in flames. we are hearing from
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brother's rescue. >> 15 years oldest scapeed the flames friday night. hef/ family's mobile home on fire along northeast 84th street an biscayne boulevard. realizing her 9 -year-old brother was still inside with the frce tphraeups whipping around in the night sky, this brave young girl knew she had to break into action. >> in school, they tell you to stop, drop and roll. i didn't roll much. i saw him, i guess he was lost in the smoke, he couldn't see. i was feeling my way around. >> she draed me out. >> this teen found her brother and pulled him to safety. remaining humble as many around her call her a hero. her brother and mom, very grateful. >> i don't feel like a hero, right now. i don't want to feel like a hero. i don't want to get noticed. i feel great
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right now. they did a very good job. >> brave young girl right here >> brave young girl right there. the 2 were not hurt, the family is okay and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. robin? >> all right, stilil ahead from the night team, winners fired up on the campaign trail. one candidate e opping out. much more in the primara republican which lead to jeb bush saying he is done. >> trouble on the tracks affecting travel plans from the est coast to the facial's
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>>. >> p pmaries, let's look at the numbers. donald trump with a big win. 3.32.5% of the vote a big win. 3.32.5% of the vote, still jockeying for second place, senator marco rubio from florida and senator from texas, ted cruz with.3%. the second place too close to call.
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>> >>. >> senator berniey sanders -- -- hilary clinton, now, they look ahead to their primary coming up ton on the 27th and super tuesday on march 1st. >> donana trump clearly, the republican front runner and as you heard, he is down one competitor, former florida governor eb bush is out. >> the republican field is getting smaller. >> the question now is what does it mean for the candidates still standing. f i u's professor consake ka/ is here with us. >>reporter: this is going to benefit marco rubio and jeb bush have had a long
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i think what we are going to fine is both candidates tend to pull from the establishment base and so what you are going to find is that these votes certainly start to back marco rubio. one interesting note, i think it's important to highlight i think ton's big% winner is clearly marco rubio. not because i think he will generate some of jeb bush's base, it looks like he is on 2 districts in south carolina, which would actually give him 6 delegates coming out of the south carolina race. i think it ges momentum to him. this is truly a good night for marco rubio. >>reporter: brian, clearly, you are following this closely. can you read the tea leaves, here, does jeb bush eventually endorse marco rubio on the trail?
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as we get close te florida. they started out as tremendous colleagues. jeb bush went on the attack of raoub/ kwroer/ early, probably not a spharlt/ decision on the part of jeb. but i think give this a time to settle and i think eventually, you will see jeb bush put his backing behind marco rubio. coming up next, panic inside of a grocery store when a man collapses. a son taking part in his father's rescue wrout/ realize wrout/ realizing it. >> kanye west in the middle of a wild scene. you may be surprised what he does next. >> all right. hreuts/ take a look at what you expect as we go into our forecast, going into too many, we are looking at sunshine. arlier, we had stub born clouds. what can we expect tomorrow?
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>>. >> as we went into today, no rain in the rain gauge. 77 was the high in key west. 73 for
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mostly dry conditions on the "stormtracr"radar, pretty quiet as far as showers are concerned, but stub born clouds concerned, but stub born clouds. we are actually supposed to see more sunshine, but the layer of clouds continued to linger around. as we went into this evening, we w those, they are still out there. we are looking at mostly cloudy conditions. wind speeds picking eup/ 13 mimis per hour. fort lauderdale, miami, grand pwa/ ham ma island miami, grand pwa/ ham ma island, 14 miles per hour in marathon. the gulfs have since calmed down. we'll still have the beach breeze as we go into later tonight even tomorrow as well, wins shifting out of the eastst. coastal breeze sticking around. because we'll continue to have the breeze off the
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possibility of a shower or 2. do keep in mind, we could see a quick sprinkle or 2 and that's about it. as we go into the start of the workweek,, a little different. a front will start to come in. clearing south florida as we go into next week florida as we go into next week. monday, adding in a few more showers and daytim highs will return back to the low 80s. there is a risk of rip rrents going into tomorrow. boating advisory boating advisories, nothing in place, biscayne bay at a light chop. no advisory for tomorrow chop. no advisory for tomorrow, use caution tonight. as we go into tomorrow, no advisory and also -- -- next eye tide, , astal waters -- -- evertpaoeulgt/ lows into the 60s, daytime highs into the 70s and even into the 80s, inland miami. we'll continue to have the breeze, once again, but we'll have breezy wind, partly
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tuesday and wednesday, all ahead f the tpropb/, but look at this. we will clear out nicely in time for friday and saturday and a dip of the temperatures@back into the low 70s. that's your 7 on >> >>. >> kanye west, who!woe has had his own share of unfriendly run is with photographers over the years jumped to separate to paparazzi that got into a heat wth each other. kanye even using the power of the hub to come one of those upset paparazzi photographers. >> well, pop star -- -- losing her fig against sony, seen leaving new york city after a judge refuseed to let her out of her recording contract. she
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psychologically abused and tormented her. she is expected to be in court again soon. >> lucky bidder spending $ thousand on alock of the john lennon's hair. famous 4 inch lock rortedly cut by a hair dresser prior to him being in the 1976 flm "how i won the war. ". >> $ thousand for some stand strands of hair. >> >>. >> much more coming up. city really leaving up to its name really leaving up to its really leaving up to its nickname and taking residents by storm. plus the hurricane's basketball team had one of their biggest games of the season tododay. 7 sports season t oday. 7 sport sports.
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reporter: emergency crews called into a grocery store after an employee collllapsed. > i knew, right then and there that he probably had a heart attack. >>reporter: co-workers rushed to his side and immediately started cpr as they waited for help to arrive. >> we kept doing compressions until efrpblts/ m s got here. >> steve was one of the first firefigers to arrive on the scene. >> i took over assisting with res/ spaoeur/ res/ spaoeurations. chief
10:43 pm
>>reporter: just l like any other call, steve went straight florida work mode. he didn't realize the person under the face mask was his father. >> thent dawned on me this was dad. reporter: he let other firefighters take over. luckily, the hrt attack didn't cause knee serious damage. the family attributes that miracle to the long list of people who!woe steped in to help. >> all i can tell you, thank the lord for the people that helped me. from the beginning, all the way to the hospital and now. i do appreciate it, really. >> they said i was really really gone. and hire i sit. >>reporter: that is oneneuck request dad. doctors say michael would not have survived had it not been for the quick thinking employees inside of
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>>. >> an abandoneded mill reduce >> an abandoneded mill reduceed to rubble -- -- flames caused the mill to collapse. no one w hurt. the cause of the fire under investigation. >>. >> trouble on the tracks in downtown indianapolis, a train derailing causing travel problems across the u.s. officials say trips from new york to chicago were delayed after 2 trains ended up off the tracks. for one was injured. officials are investigating the cause. >>. >> residents in illinois cleaning up after powerful wins whipped through the state causing widespread damage. 70 mile-an-hour gusts from 2 construction sites in chicago. public transportation was shut down. across the state, raging wins blue trees down knocked wer lines over and nearly ripped one gas station from the
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>> we are not done yet, coming up, the heat were hoping to keep their winning ways going against the wizards. >> >>. >> 7 sports is up next with all
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skpwr/. >> hi, everyone, miami heat back at it tonight against washington wizards. dwayne wade a-ph-frpblgt/ r i, it was negative. second quarter, josh mc!ml1cl0 roberts, gets mugged, still makes the shot. you can not stop him. heat upp 16. heat up 15 at the break. third quarter, heat up 12. makes the runner, game high 27. 10
10:49 pm
the quarter -- -- miami leads by 15. fourth quarter. white by 15. fourth quarter. whiteside, back after serving a one game suspension, came off the bench, 25 points. no d wade, no chris bosh, the heat win win. >> if someone is not able to play, that doesn't make it easy play, that doesn't make i sy, you done think about the guys that are not playing, but to have a no excuse attitude. >> it's a hockey night in south florida, panthers taken florid panthers taking on winnipeg. winnipeg. .
10:50 pm
play, smith, 19th of the season play, smith, 19th of the season, 2-one panthers. later in the third, jager fights for the puck. turn around, top shelf. career number 742. he -- -- it's the power of the phullet, panthers win 3-one. >> i didn't feel good the last few games. i felt good their is game. i feel better. >> we were hopeing to get him th hattrick, but it didn't happen. >> >>. >> number 5 north carolina, first place in the acc on the line. miami in the orange. angel rodriguez drive. joel james turn around fade away. north carolina up 93 at the break. second half, all u-nc, joe barry, 3 ball, part of a tunnel
10:51 pm
came down 24, this sums it up. north calina the other way. miami sufficients the worst loss of the season up 7thaked virginia. >> >>. >> canes baseball. rutgers, michael makes hisirst career start. it was a good one. 6 innings, 3 hits. pwoes/ pwoess loaded for johnny ruiz. miami goes for the series sweep tomorrow afternoon series sweepomorrow afternoon. >> barry bonds, knew questions would come sooner than later. would come sooner than later. played 2 2season in the bigs. along with beimg crowned homerun king comes the label of
10:52 pm
continue to haunt him getting into the hall of fame? >> in major league baseball, there is not one player that can say i'm not one and there is not a coach that ever coach is not a coach that ever coached me and said i'm not one and until you guys decide to make that final decision, it will be made on your terms, but in my heart and soul and god knows, i'm a hall-of-famer. >> >>. >> fan fest at the ballpark, fans got pictures an autographs with the players. players, know they need results this season. >> we have gone through every above and beyond. no more time for that. >> i will have their back as long as they work hard. when they work, no matter what, i'll have their back. >> having continue >> having continuity on the
10:53 pm
nice for this to be the best manager of micah rear. johnson, one shot off the lead with 2 others. bubba watson in trouble on the par 4 -- -- bubba, a little room, just enougugfor this shot, he nearly pulled it out. he would ke part. bubba leads a 12 under heading into tomorrow's's fourth and final round. >> >>. >> tomorrow at high noon, we are here for the daytona 500. >> >>.
10:54 pm
here they come, down the stretch. here comes cash back on the outside to take the lead and win the melody of colors over more royalty. final preparation before the $1 million derby april 22nd. that's sports, robin and jeff
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>>.. >> that's going to do it tonight first at 10:00. thank you for watching, i'm robin simmons. >> and i'm jeff lennox. the news continues, next at 11:00,
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>>. >> the racial for the white house slimming down, former florida governor jeb bush out of the race, suspending his esidential campaign after donald trump wins the south carolina pry pairry. after saving a sibling, one south florida teen is being hailed a hero. hello, good evening, i'm jeff lennox. >> i'm robin simmons, "7 news"at 11:00 begins, right now news"at 11:00 begins, right now. >> a child, suddenly shot,a bullet striking a little boy while he was playing outside. good evening, that 6 -year-old caught in the crossfire. >> and he would not survive his injuries from those bullets. night team's coverage begins with walter morris in northwest miami-dade with more on this child tragedy.


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